In yesterday’s blog I wrote about healing one’s spirit through living a decent life, and in the blog I talked about how it is better to provide real help to people or other living beings in need as opposed to giving them money. I was mainly aiming those words at regular people, those who do the helping at the grassroots level, helping ease suffering in their own communities. Today I would like to talk to the people at the other end of the spectrum, the billionaires and trillionaires who take the money away from the little people and stick it away in their offshore bank accounts so that they don’t even have to pay taxes on the money they are hiding USELESSLY away from the world.


What good is all that money doing sitting in a bank account doing nothing but earning more money every second in what is called interest. Well, it is this interest that interests me, because you could put just the interest you make daily to great work with it. I’m not even asking you to use your principle. In fact, let’s call my idea the INTEREST PRINCIPLE!

The Interest Principle states that if all the richest people in the world use just the interest they make on the money in their bank accounts, they could build and fund Emergency Disaster Response Teams and put them on the ground where they are needed within mere hours of whatever disaster befalls on areas of the world affected by disasters, whether those disasters are natural or man-made. These disaster teams would be well-trained people who could respond to whatever the needs of an affected area are, people who could move in and take charge to direct the residents of an area to make a concerted effort to help themselves in the best way possible. They would also have access to bringing the experts in to fight the effects of whatever kind of disaster they are responding to: firefighters for wildfires; excavators for earthquakes; oil-cleaners for oil spills; hordes of helpers for the many needs of hurricane victims; sandbaggers for impending floods and/or relief workers for those affected by flash floods… I think you get the picture. You, the people who are hoarding money uselessly, money you will never be able to spend in the next hundred generations of your families, YOU ARE THE ONES WHO CAN MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD! Because you are the ones who owe your amazing fortunes to this world. And I’m not asking for those fortunes, all I’m asking for is the interest you make on your principle. THAT is the Interest Principle.

And that is what could help the spirit of the world to heal, because the spirit of the world desperately needs healing. How many disasters have we had in 2017 alone. Millions of people forced from their ancestral homes because of politics and war. Millions of homes destroyed by earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. Millions of acres of forests necessary to cleaning the air and providing oxygen destroyed by forest fires. millions of acres of farmland necessary for growing the food of the world destroyed by floods, insects, over-chemicalization, drought, heat, whatever. The disasters of the world are too many, and the regular people of the world have limited funds to donate, yet they do donate. You, the billionaires and trillionaires of the world, you have more than enough just in the interest you earn daily. It is time for YOU to take an interest in the world, or soon you will have no one to give you their money, and they will have no money to give.

The Interest Principle just makes sense. Save the world, and you save your own income.



What does it take for absolutely anyone to lead a decent life? How hard is it to be nice to other living beings? I look at the world around me, and the world brought to me by various media and technologies, and everywhere there is evidence of cruelty, bullying, dividing one group from another, waging wars, hurting or even killing others, so many many different ways to not be nice to others, and I have to ask myself why? Why not be nice? It is so much easier, and so much more rewarding, to be nice.

Being nice is especially spiritually rewarding. It doesn’t matter what a person believes, or what they feel they believe, or even what they want to believe but don’t. Being nice, decent, is the most healthy way to live, because it costs nothing, and doesn’t cause any bad stress. Being nice actually helps heal a damaged spirit, and being nice in a group setting actually increases that healing exponentially. Two people being nice to someone or something doesn’t double the reward to each person, it quadruples it. Three people being nice to someone or something doesn’t triple the reward, it increases it by a multiple of nine, and so on. (Actually those numbers don’t even tell the real story, and are just being used to demonstrate the idea that the bigger the group the more rewarding to every member of the group. Acting decently alone is one thing, and should always be encouraged. But acting decently in unison with others is an even greater thing, and the more people or beings in that group, the greater the healing spirit. This is why researchers have found that people who attend spiritual meeting places, be they organized religions or just regular people coming together in one place to act decently together to each other and to others who need help have a greater feeling of happiness than do those who don’t act decently to but a chosen few.

The key of course is not acting together and doing something to or for someone that is nowhere in actual contact with the person or group, but to do the decent thing directly to or for another living being. Not that raising money for people in a far away disaster area is bad, but it is not as spiritually rewarding as raising money for someone in the nearby community and seeing them accepting that money and the help it will bring. Even better is actually giving the person or people or other living being or beings the actual thing or comfort. Bringing food to a starving family is so much more rewarding than bringing money, because who knows if that family can get to a store to spend that money and bring the food home. Food fills bellies, money does not.

But I am getting off my intended topic for today. Living a decent life costs nothing, but the reward, especially the spiritual reward is fantastic. Did someone or something piss you off lately, and you chewed them out or treated them horribly to get back at them, to teach them a lesson? What did that do for you? Made you feel superior to them for a few minutes? Made you feel like you accomplished something good? I’m betting however such an action made you feel, the feeling was only temporary, and in the end you felt bad. If you are a decent person, I know you ended up feeling bad. So why did you do it?

Taking the time to be nice to anyone or anything does not make you feel bad. In fact, taking that time makes you feel immediately good, and somehow connected to the other living being’s spirit. That connection is what heals. Being alone, particularly always being alone, is not a spiritually healing condition or way to be in life. Our spirits need decent or nice connections to other spirits. These nice connections are what makes us feel a part of something greater than oneself, a part of a spiritual community that heals old injuries. And that is part of why I am writing about living a decent life today.

But here is the real reason: living a decent life, and acting decently towards other living beings every day of your life, is actually helping the spirit I call Life. Life is the repository or bank where all good deeds are stored–not as written reports, but as decent spiritual feelings. The more decent spiritual feelings anyone stores up, the better they will feel about themselves and the lives they are living. Depending on what you believe, religion or philosophy, theism or atheism, heaven or non-existence after death, if you live a decent life, you are working towards a decent death, and if there is one, a decent afterlife.

I don’t know what you believe, but I know what I believe, so I will relate this to my own beliefs. I do not believe in any supernatural being guiding the fate of the universe, as you know if you have read any of my other blogs. But having said that, I also believe in the eternity of life, particularly spiritual life. I believe in reincarnation, but I also believe there will be an end to reincarnation on this plane of existence, a transfer to yet another and yet another plane of existence, each plane providing different learning possibilities. This plane we are presently on, this so-called third dimension, is the plane where we can learn cooperation and respect with and for all living beings. Given what we see around us, or through various media and technologies, it may not seem that way at all. But think about it: the more we see how bad we human beings can be to other human beings and other living beings not human, the more we feel bad and hopeless for the future. But do we leave that there? Do we just give up and say what will be will be? Or do we stand up for ourselves and for others? Do we feel a desire to change what is? Do we feel a desire to make something better of and for ourselves and our fellow living beings.

I readily admit, the odds are against us for succeeding, but poor odds have never stopped us for cheering on the underdogs. Even people who don’t do many decent things in their lives, or do decent things often, feel a little uplifted when an underdog wins. And decent people are definitely the underdogs on this plane of existence, because despite our numbers, we don’t have the power that most non-decent people have. Yet, slowly but steadily, our numbers and decent acts are wearing down those powers-that-be, forcing them to crumble under our feet. It won’t be today, or even tomorrow, but as long as we don’t blow ourselves and our universe up, we will win. Because the more decent acts we accomplish, the better we are making the accumulating spirit of Life, and the more decency that Life learns, the more it wants to learn, until Life itself moves on to the next plane of existence. And we, the individuals who together and in unison make up life, will all be transported forward with Life.

Just a line to let you all know I am still alive

Hey, friends,

Sorry I haven’t written anything lately, but my sort-of-new business venture has been taking up all of my time of late. In case you haven’t read I am now selling almost-free-of-THC medical marijuana products in northern Alberta and the southern Northwest Territories. It’s keeping me hopping, as was (well still is) getting my new website on-line. It should be up and running sometime later this week, barring any unforeseen disasters. medmarhighlevel.biz if you care to take a look. Make sure your speakers are on for the first 2:35 minutes, but you have to stay on the home page to hear the whole song. Maybe someday the music will follow the reader, but not yet.

Now, generally speaking, my spiritual life is the most important part of my life, and takes a second seat to nothing. But in the 8 months I have been building my company I have been growing a clientele that is now depending on me to have my products for them when they need it, where they need it for the most part. And so, I have had to choose between my spirituality, and my responsibility to living people. Hopefully once the website is up and functioning correctly (you never find all the flaws till the users tell you about them), I will be able to take the occasional hour or two to continue my thoughts and personal experiences on the spiritual planes.

I’ve noticed I have some new followers, which I thank you all for, but I’m wondering if anyone of my select few readers don’t have any questions for me? I would love to be taking part in a conversation rather than just telling you about what life is like for me. Good communication needs a back-and-forth exchange of ideas, and while I know it may be hard to ask questions of someone who is so far out in left field I can’t even see the grandstand, but still I wish someone would try. I love to talk about myself, my ideas, my philosophies, etc., but really I would like to hear about you and your reactions to what you read here. Because one thing I know for sure, you have to be a very special person to be willing to go where I go. And being that special, you may have something to teach me, including a little humility. Ain’t no one ever accused me of not being proud of what I have accomplished this go-around. Fortunately for me I gave up believing in sin a very long time ago.

But I’m getting off the track, as usual. Yes, I’m still alive. No, I’m not writing about spirituality at this point in my life. Other people’s lives come before my own. And that’s about all I can say by way of apology.

But you can bet I’ll be back…

WHITE IDENTITY POLITICS The More Intelligent We Get the stupider we become

Donald Trump is practising White Identity Politics. He is appealing to those who might sympathize to some degree with White Supremacists and Neo Nazis to fight for the idea that white people are starting to feeling like a minority group. I hate to wake The Donald up, but whites have always been a minority when it comes to world population. Europe, the hotbed of white civilization before Columbus, was a very tiny continent in relation to the vastness of continents such as Africa, Asia, the Americas, India, and even Australia. In the days of Marco Polo, Columbus, Captain Cook, and the other “great explorers,” all of whom just happened to be white, so history tells us, they never travelled anywhere that they found white inhabitants. So what did they do, being more technologically advanced that most of the rest of the world, they tried to colonize the world, it was their manifest destiny. That was then, this is now.


White people, while they are in the minority, control most of the money in the world. The Vatican is the richest country in the world, followed closely by the United States of America and Great Britain, not in any particular order. Germany, France, Russia, even Canada rank higher in wealth than most other nations, if you ignore the lucky happenstance for them that most of the oil producers in the world are of other persuasions, the brown races, so-to-speak. So, even though the white races are in the minority population-wise, those white nations control most of the money and POWER in the world. Does this sound like a minority situation to you?


Is that because only the top 5% of the white population controls 99% of that wealth and power? Leaving 95% to feel downtrodden and used, and thus easily convinced that whites need to protect themselves against all other races and nations. It is not people of colour who are keeping most whites down, it is that 5% of people their own colour who are keeping them down. Come on. How stupid can you be? Coloured people are not your enemies, they are your allies. White people, the members of the white elite, are the ones that keep the rest of us down, and I definitely consider myself a white person despite my Metis blood. I am over 50% white, and that is what I must deal with. My European blood may be constantly at war with my Aboriginal blood, but that does not prevent me from seeing that I am downtrodden by whites.


The thing is, it really doesn’t matter what colour my skin is, the skin I wear on my outside does not affect the colour of my spirit, which is essentially colourless. Invisible, to be exact. And that is true for every human species, as well as for every species on this earth. Life is what we all have in common, and our spirits are what we can attribute to our status as living beings. Every living being on the earth has an invisible spirit. Hell, every living being in the universe probably has an invisible spirit. Why think inside the box? Life everywhere is coloured invisible. Even in these crazy times on earth. Especially in these crazy times of Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists and White Identity Politics. The so-called rulers of the world need to keep us divided so they can keep themselves apart from the rest of their species. From the rest of their living relatives.


Why are we so blind?


We are so blind because we do not want to see the truth. Any reason to feel superior to someone else, or something else, is a reason to ignore the facts of our existences. Europe and North America have the highest living standards for all their inhabitants. No matter how little we have, we are better off than Africans or Asians, right? Wrong! Downtrodden is relative, and downtrodden is downtrodden. We can have a better standard of living, a better education system, a better way of live, of course. But we are still not free to feel free. We pay lip-service to freedom, sure, but that doesn’t make us free. As long as we are working for someone else, as long as we are paying homage to someone else, we ARE NOT FREE.


As long as we are not RESPONSIBLE for ourselves, and through ourselves to all other living beings, we are not free. And the more we think we are the stupider we are. We are exactly where the 5% of wealth and power holders want us, and that is our truth. Please open your eyes.

Coming Back for a Visit

I am writing this blog tonight totally unprepared.  I have not even thought about my neglected blog for quite some time, but today I received an email from WordPress telling me a new person was following my blog, and I had to look to see who. Notyouraverage20somethingblog turned out to be a blog by a woman named Amy, from where or what background I do not think she has said yet, other than she grew up in a small town, went away to college or university, and discovered there a whole new self. But tragedy struck in the form of a breakup with the love of her life to this point (Amy called her a soul mate, but as I do not believe in soul mates–I’ve already had more than 5 “soul mates” in my lifetime, and counting–I’ll stick to love of her life so far) and a total falling apart that took her back to her safe life in the small town where she grew up. Now she has discovered WordPress, and though I have only found two blogs written by her, I am already dying to hear more. I presume she is American, but I cannot say that with authority yet, nor does it really matter, although it might help to understand her motivations to know. The main thing is, Amy is a living being with a story to tell, and I believe she will tell it well.

But, that got me reading a bunch of my old but most recent blogs, and now I want to use my blog to welcome Amy back to the larger world of fear, away from the safety of her small world called home. And to thank her for inspiring me to write a new blog myself.

Lately, for whatever that word might mean to anyone, my writing has not been centered on any one subject, jumping around chaotically just like the way I live life. There are no boundaries to where life can take a person, and there are certainly no boundaries to where my mind can take me. I know I have left a lot of stories unfinished, but hey, how many times in life do unexpected changes happen to us that veer our course into unexpected directions, ending some sentences mid-word, and starting others without a true beginning. Life, that’s all I can call it.

Tonight Life has pointed me in yet anther direction, that of love relationships. As I said above, I have had AT LEAST 5 relationships with women I have considered soul mates, only to discover they were only “temporary” soul mates. I still love them, fondly, each and every one of them, and I am thankful for what they taught me/helped me learn. The woman I was married to is the one who taught me the most, but even that relationship ended when her capacity to teach me was exhausted. The student once again surpassed the teacher, and to stay in that relationship became stifling. We mutually agreed to end it, though I have regrets, and I assume she does too. But life moves on, and we either change to move with it, or we get bogged down in depressions physical, mental, and emotional. It has always been my nature to move with the eye of the hurricane, surrounded by a calmness, yet surrounded outside that by life-changing forces that wipe entire slates clean. After all, life has never been a “safe” proposition. Whenever life becomes too comfortable, upheavals happen to remind you (read me) that nothing is ever safe, safety begets stagnation. Change is life’s greatest teacher, and humans are life’s most capable students.

Ugh, I cannot believe I uttered such an anthropomorphic thought aloud. Humans are just one species among millions, and human intelligence is not the only kind of intelligence extant upon this world, let alone in our huge huge universe. But just like our species is very highly anthropomorphic, believing humans are the most highly evolved of all animals or other forms of life ANYWHERE, I am human, and occasionally forget that there is always someone, or some species, that is smarter or more intelligent including in ways I cannot begin to imagine. Back to where was I…

Change is Life’s greatest teacher and humans are very capable students, if they allow themselves to be. I try to always be ready to learn more new lessons in order to live a fuller life. Tonight’s lesson was just one of those.

I hate to admit it, but of late my belief has been that the 20somethings of the world are condemning this world to devolve, to move backwards instead of forward, despite the continuous forward movement evolution has been moving in since the beginning of life itself. I should have known devolution is inherently impossible (notwithstanding Trump and Kim) and it took a brash young Amy to set my mind right again despite my dotage. Thanks, Amy. I hope I can repay you somehow.

And thanks to Barbera, Brenda, Linda, Barbara, Heather, Gail, and Gail all for taking the time to love me and teach me about life and love. And if I have missed anyone, which I’m sure I have, please don’t take it personally, just blame it on my Post-Concussion Syndrome, which stole parts of my memories completely, as if they never happened. But rest assured, whatever anyone taught me is still part of me. and that means YOU are still a part of me too.


Heal the Body, Free the Mind

Reposted from a comment on a nutrition blog by Eve Lees


Hi Eve,
In your nutrition research and learning about nutrition period, did you ever come across the nutrition benefits of low THC cannabis sativa seed oil (CSSO, brand name MMSOP), sometimes known as hemp oil, often known as Med Marijuana (trade mark registered) as produced by Stephen Health Agency Inc. of Dartmouth, NS, Canada? (If you have a fear of the word marijuana PLEASE do not throw out the baby with the bathwater, this bathwater is full of nutrition miracles used as far back as 10,000 years ago in China. Wikipedia states “The Cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years across many cultures.” (Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_cannabis and scroll down to History Ancient) to learn about some of the uses various Middle East and Eastern cultures made of various species of the Cannabis Sativa variety of Hemp; it is impressive!)
Now fast forward to 1992, and go to https://www.ratical.org/renewables/hempseed1.html and https://www.ratical.org/renewables/hempseed2.html where you will find the earliest scientific references I can find on the internet to the nutrition and medicinal uses of the low-THC CANNABIS SATIVA SEED OIL. Canada appears to be one of the first countries in the world to make this seed oil legal, passing the Access to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations under the Narcotics Control Act in 1998 as long as the THC content of the products was under 10 ppm (Stephen Health Agency Inc. regulary averages at 3 ppm, well below the legal limit imposed by the above Regulations). The next step is to have Health Canada each and all claims made for the medical abilities of ingestible natural products before they issue the product a Natural Product Number (example: NPN80055848 for Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil 1000 mg soft gelcaps). At this point I would normally give directions on how to find a specific product on the Health Canada website, but the page has been moved and finding the desired page has suddenly become VERY complicated. Yes, part of this reply to your post is because I am an agent of StephenHealthInc.com, but I am only an agent because this product COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE within 4 hours of ingesting my first two gelcaps. It does not work that fast for all new users, some can take up to 3 to 4 weeks before they feel the effects of using this product, but there are also people who react to it even faster than I did. All the people in the world need this oil, as do their mammalian pets and mammalian livestock. I have taken on the responsibility to do my best to make it available to everyone who wants or needs it. Those that think they cannot improve their lives with CSSO or are afraid to take it because they are afraid of its narcotic connections are only prolonging their probability of getting new medical issues. Proactive measures are best started early in life, because reactive measures might be started too late.

Added to repost on this blog only:

CSSO is a 100% natural product that you cannot get addicted to, you cannot get overdosed on, nor can you die directly from using it. It cannot make you HIGH. It is a million times safer than any opioid your doctors may give you, yet they won’t give you any information on CSSO because they cannot write prescriptions for it, nor get it from Big Pharma. CSSO is available over-the-counter from direct agents of Stephen Health Agency Inc., or in certain Health Food Stores. It is respectfully priced at under $100 per month, often much less than that. If you are in pain, or suffer from almost any other medical issue, trying CSSO cannot harm you in any way. Even if in the end, it does not ultimately work on the condition you want it to work on, it will improve your health and life in other ways you cannot yet perceive.



Sometime shortly after noon, July 22, 2017, a man wearing a police uniform (not identified as Hay River Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or Timbuktu Police; just POLICE in large letters across the chest, no visible badges, no other identification of any kind visible or oral) appeared out of seemingly nowhere blocking the entrance into booth 14 at Fishermans Wharf Market. This police-uniform wearing person immediately declared all persons and property in Booth 14 as detained for investigation, and started muttering words that sounded like everyone present was guilty of trafficking in marijuana and did we want lawyers, and if no particular lawyer, then legal aid lawyers would be provided should they be requested. All residents opted for legal aid lawyers for lack of knowledge of what was happening. This did not stop the investigation, but did bring the warning “Anything and everything the detainees said could be used as evidence in a court of law.” At this point no crime had been mentioned, no reason for the raid had been mentioned, and GUILT WAS ASSUMED in a country where the law states that people are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. The words of the supposed POLICE assumed no such possibility of innocence. The operators of the booth, including a relative visiting from Manitoba, were basically accused of being guilty of trafficking in a narcotic and of being in serious trouble with the law. Was this Canada in the year 2017, or Nazi Germany in the late 1930s or early 40s? For the residents of Booth 14 it seemed like they had gone through a time warp, not like they were conducting legal business in Canada in 2017.

Eventually it was determined that a complaint had been made by an undisclosed member of the public that raw bud marijuana was being sold to members of the public in glass bottles. Two people in the booth readily admitted marijuana in various forms was being sold to the public for legal medicinal purposes, and offered documentation to prove they were conducting legal business, but this documentation was discarded to the side without even being cursorily examined. THIS was an investigation? There appeared to be no sign of investigation, just accusation and detention. Meanwhile, the patrons of Fishermans Wharf Market looked on in amazement as customers of the products being sold at Booth 14 were rudely turned away and threatened with criminal charges if they did not move away RIGHT NOW! Even an innocent child who wanted to witness the action was yelled at with raised voice (child abuse under the law) to get away from the area, with a threat of some fearsome thing happening to the child if it did not quickly disappear from sight. Again, Canada 2017 or Nazi Germany? The latter still seemed the obvious choice. Meanwhile, the visitor from Manitoba was in fear for her continued freedom, and all she was doing was sitting talking to her family members in a perfectly unthreatening way. But threats were hurled her way too, as if she were some common criminal, not a very courteous way to greet a person visiting from another province. No, because she was in the booth at the time of the arrival of the Nazi Stormtrooper, she would be amiss to think she could avoid arrest if the suspected substance was actually found to be on the premises. That was just total lack of courtesy on the supposed police officer’s part, an insult to her otherwise happenstance occupation of Booth 14.

Meanwhile, the two salespersons of the legal marijuana were moved separately out of the booth and interrogated out of eyesight of half the patrons of Fishermans Wharf Market, the other half who were in line waiting to purchase their fish and chips from the end booth getting a much better view of the action than they had previously been getting.

Eventually Mr. Jerry Miller, sole proprietor of the business selling the raw bud marijuana (Would an honest businessman actually be selling raw bud marijuana in such a public place? The officer assured him there were many stupid criminals who would try just that!) was allowed to lead the officer back into Booth 14 for a complete search for said raw bud marijuana in glass bottles. Of course, no such substance was found in Booth 14, and after another officer had contacted the home RCMP of Mr. MIller’s business who confirmed they were aware of said business and that the business had been determined to be completely legal under the ACCESS TO MARIJUANA FOR MEDICAL PURPOSES REGULATIONS attached to the NARCTOTIC CONTROL ACT in 1998 (meaning the sale of low THC medical marijuana direct to the public had been legal for roughly 20 years already) the Nazi Stormtrooper, now safely back in 21st century Canada, took his leave of the premises at BOOTH 14 without an apology but with what he later described as a public handshake to show the patrons of Fishermans Wharf Market that the investigation had been finished and the complaint proven to be baseless.

In a later contact between Mr. Miller and the then identified Officer Beck of the RCMP, Beck informed Mr. Miller that he had bent over backwards to be as courteous as possible under the rules of the RCMP when investigating such a complaint. This admission left Mr. Miller feeling slightly appeased but still in total wonder the Nazi Germany tactics could ever be described as courteous?  There is something wrong when the Police services in a supposedly free country such as Canada can look like something right out of Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib prison, or Nazi Germany, and the officer in charge is still trying to used the failed defence of Lt. William Calley Jr. who pled not guilty to conducting the My Lai Massacre of close to 500 innocent Vietnamese villagers in 1968 as just following orders, or in other words just doing my job! The circumstances of conducting a raid of a small home-based business in northern Canada are nowhere close to the circumstances of the above named atrocities, but the principles are still the same, and it is time the RCMP took a look at itself and ask whether it wants to be seen as a public protection service, or an out-of-control police reactionary force. After all, this is Canada 2017, not Nazi Germany.


Just to wrap things up, Mr. Miller was not told who made the complaint, but that it had been made by a prominent citizen of Hay River, and no charges would be laid for public mischief despite the fact the complainant lied by way of embellishment as to what was happening at Booth 14, including stating that many people were complaining, though not one of them had the fortitude to ask the proprietor of the business if anything illegal was taking place there. To the best of this writer’s knowledge, it was ONLY THE COMPLAINANT who was upset, and in his complaint he directly said the proprietor of the booth, Mr. Jerry Miller, had admitted to him raw bud marijuana was being sold there, which is a complete and utter fabrication of the truth. To this writer, that sounds like public mischief and wasting the time of all officers on duty at the time of the raid, leaving no officer available should anything of real criminal intent or purpose have happened at the same time, a definite and intentional misuse of public time and funds for unknown personal reasons.