Pork-Belly Hogs

Lyrics, by rawgod



Electric blue sky overhead

Turning rain clouds cathode white

Wired circuits in my head

Electric sheep turn out their lights

Robot milkmaids feed the world

Crying “Where are all the robot men?”

Electric owl electric squirrel

Chase around electric glens


Refrain Androids dream electric sheep

                Robots run electric dogs

                Soldiers steeped in sonic bleep

                Bankers dream pork-belly hogs


Artificial life goes on

Hear the beating of its heart

After human life is gone

Baboons looking mighty smart

Metal grinding cog to wheel

Learning sun and spurning moon

Robot hands that cannot feel

Turning out mechanic tunes




Take the plug out from the wall

Nothing left within the box

Mechanic arm can throw the ball

Learn to pick mechanic locks

Who is safe when none are sane

Do you think you know the rules

Metal teacher teaching Jane

Dick and Spot no longer cool




Pick your person with a pill

Make you happy make you sad

You will still be with you still

Can’t escape from feeling bad

Have to change from deep within

Pile your habits in a heap

To your good side take a listen

Refuse to be electric sheep



Repeat to fade