When I started my last post a few days ago, I wanted to make a point about why it seems we humans have stopped evolving spiritually. Looking around us, all over the world, we find populist movements and conservative/republican ideas are seemingly taking hold of governments from America to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in-between. If humans are evolving spiritually, how can this be happening? How can genocides be happening? How can climate change be called a hoax? Worst of all, how can we be so close to fighting a war in which nuclear weapons could destroy life on Earth. Maybe not all life, cockroaches and plankton might survive, but that would put us billions of year back in the evolutionary processes, both physical and spiritual.

I think, no, I know, spiritual evolution is real. Where other people see the wonder of God, I see the products of two evolutionary processes happening side-by-side. Physical evolution is a slow process, one has to look over million-year tracts of time to see how living beings are evolving. It took some 4.5 billion years to move from one-celled beings swimming in the primordial soup to become multi-celled being called humans who believe they can have thoughts that rise above birthing, eating, fucking, and dying. It is only in the last ten or so thousand years that spiritual ideas, as we know them to be, have become possible. And it is only in the past few hundred years that we have truly starting thinking beyond Earth being the dominion of gods and realizing living beings are the ones in charge of our own lives. Most humans have not even got there yet. Why might that be?

In my mind it is because people still see themselves as the crown of creation, thinking we are the only ones capable of thinking higher thoughts. Science is only now telling us that other lifeforms, including plants and trees, can communicate with each other in ways we once believed only humans could. Scientists are discovering intelligence where we always thought we were the only intelligent beings around. And soon our scientists will come to see that humans are not the only species with sentience, the awareness of ourselves. How did these things happen? At least in the West, starting from Asia Minor and moving towards the western shores of the Pacific Ocean, particularly north of the Sahara Desert, a book called the Bible shaped our thoughts about ourselves. And God gave humanity dominion over the plants and animals. With those few words we came to believe only we have what Abrahamic religions call souls, non-physical bodies that survive death and go to places like Heaven and Paradise. The idea is so well packaged and marketed that is has spread not only over all western areas, but is now widespread in the East also. The One True God rules over more than 50% of the peoples of the world, and the feeling of human superiority exists in probably 90% or more of the population of the world.

This is the illusion that Spiritual Evolutionists have been working under for over two hundred years, because they are looking at it through humancentric eyes and minds. And they are encapsulating it in the idea God rules this universe, while all they can really talk about is this world. And even there they are wrong.

It is not much of a limb, but I will go out on it anyway. There is no God, or god, or group of gods ruling anywhere, or anything. There is no Supreme Intelligence directing where life is going. There is only us, living beings, who are responsible for what happens to us. Most of the living beings on this world are humble enough to not bother about anything but their own lives. They still birth, eat, fuck (or otherwise reproduce), and die without worrying what happens to others. They are content to live in their own little worlds. But we humans are not content to do that. Because we have dominion over all other forms of life we think we can go where we want and do what we want with impunity. No one else matters. Only us! But after centuries of living like that, we are finally starting to learn, we cannot survive without all those others species of life to help us live healthy lives.

Ask yourselves, please, do you harbour these feelings of superiority over other species? I’m betting a good 97% of the humans of this world feel that way, if they think about it. Not everyone thinks about it. But most of us live that way because we are taught as children we are the crown of creation. The truth is far from this…

Author: rawgod

A man with a lot of strange experiences in my life. Haven't traveled that much per se, but have lived in a lot of different areas. English is the only language I have mastered, and the older I get, the more of it I lose. Seniorhood gives me more time to self-reflect, but since time seems to go much faster, it feels like I don't have as much time for living as my younger selves did. I believe in spiritual atheism and responsible anarchy. These do not have to be oxymorons. Imagination is an incredible tool. I can imagine a lot of things.

39 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION, Why Isn’t It Working?”

  1. Well said, my friend, and you know that I agree with you … humans have a superiority complex that stems from the earliest religious teachings and it seems that rather than thinking they are tasked with helping protect other lifeforms, they view them as having been put here (even though most other life forms pre-date humans) for their pleasure and convenience. Until we break the grip that religion has on people, nothing will change on any large scale.

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          1. Not only that … you’re Canadian! There are no “Democrats” and “Republicans” where you live. Those (over-used) titles are generally associated with the States, right?

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            1. We still have Conservatives, Liberals, and semi-Socialists. You might call yours by different names, but there are strong similarities. Politics is politics, And in Alberta,we even have mini-Trump.

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          2. “Atheist to boot!” Most that toss out the baby of sound time tested societal values and traditions with the bathwater of positive religiosity wind up embracing the most destructive dogma available, and that ultimately leeds humanity to life UNDER the “boot.”


            1. You uphold religio s that murdered indigenous children in God’s name. You are a fool in imposters clothing. Religions of all ,inds are dying. They just won’t andmit it yet. Your God cannot be positive or negative, it is what it is. A murdering heartless deity. That is why he or she or it is powerless to act in this world.
              I love how religious peoplepjck and choose what they want to believe and what they want to ignore. But you cannot do that. It is all or nothing. I’ll take nothing every day. That makes me responsible for myself.

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      1. that’s very true. time still applies on this manifested level. the body ages, seasons come and go. so, you can observe cycles in every aspect of life.

        hope you’re doing well!

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        1. Thank you. Presently going through some medical issues but I don’t take them too seriously. Two choices, I can get better, or I can get worse. If it gets too much worse, I die, and the issue goes away. But if it gets better, then I live to see another day. It’s all in the perspective, lol.

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          1. good attitude! know yourself to be beyond the body, hard as that may be. and remain observing. one day, we’ll all get a better one, a younger one, a prettier one😂


                1. Yeah, Alberta, way up near the Territories border. We call it the Far North, as the province goes, but really we are still in redneck land. The Arctic is where the Inuit people have great influence, and they are not warlike. Because the living situation is
                  so harsh they are brought up in community, not individualistic processes.
                  As for cold, winter teaches us to be hardy, and summer teaches us to cope with sometimes desert-like conditions.

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                  1. wow! i used to work as a travel agent for Amex booking all the RCMP trips up there. i’m sure i send a few in that area. on small bush planes that only flew once a week or once a month, haha!


                    1. Not quite that bad. Before Covid we had air travel 6 days a week, but the company went bankrupt. I’ve heard a new company has moved in, but I prefer not to travel by air because of the huge pollution caused by airplanes. (The atmosphere was so nice with most planes grounded in 2020. Ut now they are mostly flying again, and the pollution is rising again. Will we ever learn?) So I have no idea how often they are flying up here.
                      So, where abouts do you live?

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                    2. i’m in Ottawa. i agree, Covid gave a break to mother earth. and now we’re in rush to go back to all our ignorant, destructive ways.

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                    3. Yeah. You would think someone would notice, but even if they have they don’t care. Money. Money. Money. The world can go to hell.


  2. I found your site via the great comment you made at SaaniaSparkle’s, but I think you’re making a mistake in reifying and over-applying an evolution metaphor to the notion of universal spiritual ‘progress’.

    As someone who had his first birthday during the Cuban Missile Crisis and whose earliest school lessons included ‘Duck and Cover’ I’ve gotta say I don’t feel particularly close to nuclear annihilation right now. I do agree, however, that unless we find some way to get rid of the planet’s huge nuclear arsenal it’s pretty much inevitable in the long term. Especially when this civilisation eventually collapses – which is also inevitable, even if we do manage to deal with imminent threats such as climate change.

    But current models of biological evolution depend on an uncaring, impersonal process called natural selection. We’re not evolving into higher beings, just adapting to our environment in a manner that ensures inherited characteristics that lead to a greater number viable offspring tend to increase in frequency in the population. Though it is starting to look like the process that gave us that huge lump of energy hungry neurons in our skulls that makes childbirth such an uncomfortable experience may have been an evolutionary dead end (and not just for the species that evolved it).

    If you believe evolution is a teleological path leading ever upwards to the stars and beyond then I’d suggest you do believe in some kind of supernatural guiding principle equivalent to a personal god, at least in terms of plans and motives.

    It’s hard to imagine what kind of spiritual mechanism might lead to an equivalent of the biological process of evolution. In fact Eastern spiritual traditions that preach rebirth or reincarnation posit that the ultimate goal of spiritual development (e.g. moksha, nirvana) is to remove yourself from the spiritual ‘gene pool’. So the most ‘enlightened’ among us are no longer around to contribute to the spiritual progress of humanity as a whole. That would tend to put a block on species-wide spiritual ‘evolution’, no matter how much time the Mahayanists spend praying for the enlightenment of all beings. Maybe if we all become enlightened rebirth will no longer be necessary, so that’s when the bombs will drop ;).

    Eastern traditions tend to have circular rather than linear models of time that suggest ‘evolution’. To Hindus we are currently in Kali Yuga, which is often considered the most spiritually degenerate of the Hindu eras. Not that it worries me. Despite being a confirmed agnostic, my personal Goddess is Kali (She’s no respecter of my beliefs on the matter) and She is Time itself. So I have no problems with death and madness and stuff like that.

    ‘Kali the Mother’ by Swami Vivekananda

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    1. Having been born before the Cuban Missile Crisis, I still had to endure the Duck and Cover bullshit even in high school. It was, “What’s the use? If we are anywhere near ground zero, we are instant free-floating atoms. And we are not near ground zero, it just takes longer to die from the radiation.” This was the actual basis for the hippie generation. If we are going to die anyway, enjoy life as much as you can. Soon there will be no tomorrow.
      But for now, we still seem to have tomorrow’s, some more than others. But spiritual évolution has nothing to do with the stars, it is about what is happening in our hearts and our minds. From the dawn of humankind, we can look at our own spiritual history, and we can see the progression from nature spirits to various levels of gods to the coming era without need for them. The thing is, spiritual progress did not start with man. Spirit has been with us from the primordial soup that life on earth began in. For myself, spirit began even earlier, but I don’t speak much to that. The thing is, as biological evolution took us from one-celled plants and animals to the multi-trillions beings we are today, so have our spirits evolved. For a good picture of the evolution of spirit in humans, read James A. Michener’s The Source. I doubt he realized what he was writing, but my own understanding started from that book, and went on from there. So far it all makes sense, including the current opposition to the progress of spirit bu conservatives all around the world. They can sense the world is changing, if life is allowed to survive. And because of their fear of change, and death, they are fighting as hard as they can to maintain the status quo, or even the devolution of humanity. My fear is they will choose planetary destruction over allowing their spirits to evolve.
      You obviously have done a lot of reading, and thinking. I like that in a person. But I don’t know you much except what you have revealed in this comment. The same goes for how much you can tell about me from a comment on Saania’s post, and a rant I put online just to get the bullshit out of me. While I do lean to Eastern philosophies over outdated white christian ideologies, I am of neither world. I am me, an army of one against the world. I learn best from my own experience. And over my lifetime, I have had a lot of experiences. With that, I will soon take a look at your blog posts. I need to know more about you.

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      1. we can see the progression from nature spirits to various levels of gods to the coming era without need for them

        If that’s progress, I’d rather do without. I’d choose the Dreamtime pantheism of my Aboriginal grandfather over the ignorant hubris of New Atheists any day.

        It’s pretty hard to see much ‘progress’ in modern day spirituality over the c500 BCE world of the Buddha, Mahavira, Zoroaster and Laozi either. By then Hindu atheism (as expressed in several verses of the Rig Veda) was already at least five centuries old and its still going strong among adherents of Mimamsa, Samkhya and some schools of Vedanta.

        If we’re talking Europe, I reckon the advent of Christianity was a huge leap backwards from Neo-Platonism and some of the ‘pagan’ mystery cults from which the continent has never fully recovered. I’d argue that post-Enlightenment Western atheism and humanism is still hopelessly compromised by unexamined tenets adopted from Christianity, including the myth of progress (from Christian teleology) and the myth of absolute epistemological authority (divine omniscience) upon which Scientism rests.

        I guess it’s a matter of taste.

        With that, I will soon take a look at your blog posts. I need to know more about you.

        Here’s a good place to start.

        A profession of faithlessness


        1. Well, you certainly do like to use a lot of “learned” words that I cannot be bothered with. I am a white version of a Metis heritage–my dear Metis father never told his children that we had generations of First Nations blood in our bodies, but probably that is why I am sensitive to the spirit in all living beings. I am self-taught, ex-Tibetan-Buddhist, ex-Christian, now spiritual atheist. Higher powers do not exist in my cosmos, and never will. What the hell is a New Atheist but an anti-theist with a grudge.
          You see, all these words and phrases you are throwing at me are meaningless to me. They are just words from my colonial white forefathers, and that is how much value I give to them. I’m not out to impress anyone, I am just me. I know who and what I am “inside of me,” I don’t bother with all that “outside” bullshit.
          But I will start from your suggestion. It should be a fun ride.


          1. Sorry if I made invalid assumptions about your vocabulary. I had a choice between using philosophical terms, which you could google if you wanted to understand but couldn’t, or patronisingly assuming you wouldn’t know them and spending several paras trying to explain them. I decided to leave any necessary work up to you.

            I am a white version of a Metis heritage–my dear Metis father never told his children that we had generations of First Nations blood in our bodies

            Yeah, similar problem here.

            Australia had a policy of removing mixed parentage indigenous children from their families and forcibly ‘integrating’ them by dumping them in church run institutions or fostering them out to white families, where many were treated as slaves. You can imagine the abuse that ensued. So our Aboriginality was a huge family secret, even from us, up until the early 1980s when the last matriarchal enforcer – my great aunt Lucy – died. That’s when my grandfather and his surviving siblings pulled out all the old family photos and records and told us. My grandmother, mother, brother and I found out at the same time. My father was an anti-Aboriginal racist. Luckily the marriage had ended several years earlier, but it permanently damaged the relationship between him and my brother and I.

            Before then we’d been told we were part Spanish, part Greek, part Maori or part Native American. Anything but part Aborigine.

            My blogging name is that of the band I descend from.



            1. My father was the racist too. Tried to teach us to hate everything First Nations. (Not the word he used, but I refuse to use a label that belongs to people from the country the Brits called India.) Once he died, the truth came out. It was quite a revelation, but explained a lot. I wonder that he taught us to hate him, for certainly he was not as white as he professed to be, though his skin was not observable coloured.
              My blogging name is just a evolution of Sun God that someone gave to me many years ago. Sun God to Ra God to Raw God to rawgod. And now it is my preferred label for myself, though the government doesn’t like me using it, nor do a lot of religious folk.

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    1. What would you like to call us?
      I too have a name I want to get rid of. Well, actually a whole lot. Cristofo Columbo wrongly called my ancestors Indians, and he did it knowingly, intentionally. Indian are from India, though I doubt with the negative connotations attached to it, they still want to be called that. Smooth move, Columbo. Cab we say colonialism?
      And in an effort to rid the world of colonial labels, I want to see all the nations of the world called by the names of their inhabitants.
      Further, North and South America have to go. We don’t have a continent-wide name for this land we live on, but in English many First Nations call our land Turtle Island. This name ismuch more descriptive than the colonial North America. Columb did not “discover a new world!” In his arrogance he took it upon himself to call our world after a friend of his. Well, screw him, I live on Turtle Island!

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  3. I have to completely agree that there is no one supreme intelligence directing where life is going. That’s not what God is (if that’s what you’ve been taught). And we, humans most certainly don’t sit at the top of the heap. Having a consciousness that lets us think we’re completely separate from everyone and everything has done us a disservice, yet because we’re capable of spiritual/consciousness evolution, is what the game of life is all about.

    Regarding spiritual evolution, I see that humanity is undergoing some of the largest spiritual evolution yet. More and more people are spontaneously waking up (who have little to no spiritual or religious background, like myself), and even those who aren’t spiritually awake are realizing we need to take care of Mother Gaia/Earth and each other. There are waves of people coming in whose soul mission is to help our spiritual evolution, from Indigos to Crystal Children, to Rainbow Children, to I don’t know what they’re called these days because my Crystal Child is now 19. I love that scientists are discovering that non-human creatures are sentient beings and that trees (and other plants) communicate with and support each other. (I don’t know if scientists have discovered that crystals hold consciousness, but I had an experience of connecting with the consciousness of the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull during a guided meditation once, and holy crap! The love I felt was incredible!)

    To answer your post title, I believe spiritual evolution IS working. It’s just that we’re currently in a phase of a lot of destruction/modifications of old systems and institutions that aren’t working like they used to, which we need in order to rebuild in newer and better ways. And our current global pandemic is a big part of it. Massive changes going on, and this much change happening this quickly is mighty uncomfortable and often scary. We’ll see the effects of change in the coming years and decades.


    1. A woman after my own heart. Though I know nothing about colours of children, for me those are human trappings that just muddy the waters of the spirit, no offense intended.
      I see the massive conservative/republican attack as a final Attempt to keep the world from changing, but it has no chance of succeeding short of destroying all life on Earth. If that happens Life Itself may have to restart, but with a better view of where it is headed. I cannot say I want that to happen, but I am okay with that, as we humans are not the best representatives Life could hope to have.

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