Today I am spiritually exhausted. There is no fight for life in me anymore. It seems nobody wants a different way to look at life. I am not religious–there is no need nor room in my cosmos for a superior/supreme being of any kind, no one who controls the universe, no one who could control the universe. I am not a believer in science–though science is a decent tool to use for as long as it works. But it is not a perfect tool, because it is as blind as religion. We creatures who walk or do not walk this earth, we living beings are the best we can hope for right now. I believe there is a future, that life will continue to evolve, and one day whatever life exists in that future will look back at us and laugh their asses off, if they still have asses. We are nothing but bumbling boobs unable to fight our way out of the amniotic sac we were born in, or out of the scientific sac we placed ourselves in.

I have a vision of a better world, of a better way of life, of a better way of being! But it seems there are very few others who want that too.

A number of posts ago I ventured out of my spiritualist niche to try to discover something that could use the distant past to offer us a way to a new look at the future. I failed. Two posts ago I ventured even farther out of my niche to try to look at economic conditions in our present world and offer a new way to look at them. Again, nobody wants them. Nobody wants to hear them. There aren’t reality! Damn straight they aren’t reality! But, I thought, nobody wants that reality. Well, I was wrong. That’s all people want, the reality they already have, not a reality they maybe could have in the future.

Well, it is time for me to shut up my mouth and go away. Oh, I won’t leave the WordPress.com bubble, I’ll hang around like the spirit I am, but no more posts. No more writing what almost nobody else wants to hear.

So enjoy your realities, folks. Poof!

Author: rawgod

A man with a lot of strange experiences in my life. Haven't traveled that much per se, but have lived in a lot of different areas. English is the only language I have mastered, and the older I get, the more of it I lose. Seniorhood gives me more time to self-reflect, but since time seems to go much faster, it feels like I don't have as much time for living as my younger selves did. I believe in spiritual atheism and responsible anarchy. These do not have to be oxymorons. Imagination is an incredible tool. I can imagine a lot of things.


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