Today, after two days of almost constant travel, I am physically exhausted. The old body just doesn’t have the energy anymore that it once did.

Today, after being beat around the head and shoulders for having tried to imagine a new way to live, I am mentally exhausted. No, I am downright depressed. I didn’t expect to change the world, I just wanted to give people an idea that the world could be changed. Well, for all the talk of wanting something better, I hear nothing but this is the way it is and it is what we know so let’s keep it because we are scared to try anything else! You have convinced me to stop trying. I give up.

Author: rawgod

A man with a lot of strange experiences in my life. Haven't traveled that much per se, but have lived in a lot of different areas. English is the only language I have mastered, and the older I get, the more of it I lose. Seniorhood gives me more time to self-reflect, but since time seems to go much faster, it feels like I don't have as much time for living as my younger selves did. I believe in spiritual atheism and responsible anarchy. These do not have to be oxymorons. Imagination is an incredible tool. I can imagine a lot of things.

9 thoughts on “CONSCIENCE CAPITALISM CANCELLED (part last)”

  1. Tsk – Tsk, rawgod. Doncha’ know every great philosopher had nay-sayers? Giving up is the easy way. True … you may never change another person’s perspective, but you’ve made them think … at least enough to counter your viewpoint … and that has to be worth something, right?

    Sorry about your physical state. R&R.


    1. I had naysayers when I was 20. I had naysayers when I was 50. But now I am in my 70s, and today I have to go fight with all the other people in Alberta born around when I was to sign up for a vaccine. When this new phase started on Monday, it was supposed to be one birth year per day. Monday was for people born in 1947.. The system crashed.
      Yesterday was for people born in 1948. The system did not crash but it took hours for people to get through. Today was supposed to be for people like me, born in 1949. Suddenly, last night, it was announced people born between 1949 and 1951, inclusive, could call. What changed?
      I remember back in 1970. I was about to turn 21. The drinking age was 21, but I wasn’t quite there yet. Suddenly the government decides to lower the drinking age to 18. The day they picked to change it, my birthday!
      So when it was finally legal for me to go to the bar, I had to fight with 18 year olds to get inside.
      Today I have to fight with 70 year olds, and 69 year olds, to get a vaccine date I could not get yesterday.
      I’m not paranoid, I know there are a lot of other people like me, born in 1949. But why us?
      Our cohort was the last group of people born in the last year of the first half of the 20th century. Our lives are now into our third half-century. (So are a lot of others who were born before us, but there seems to be something odd about us. We always get shafted.) But really, Nan, I’m just trying to avoid having to pick up a phone, dial a number, and getting a dial tone. I’m waiting till after lunch when a bunch of old coders will be taking their afternoon naps. Hopefully there will be less call volume then.


    2. Oops, forgot to thank you for the well wishes, Nan, and for the idea I might be up there with the great philosophers. I’ll never know, will I? But it won’t matter, I’ll still have naysayers, even then.
      And I pay no homage to Kant, who was so conceited he declared all future philosophers would have to go through him. I cannot even remember what he philisophized anymore. If he changed the world, I have no idea, except that he died, and life did not end.
      No one will miss my writing, Nan, and it will open up more time to read other blogs. I think I’m doing the WP world a favour, don’t you?


      1. I think many of us (but not all) like to “philosophize” at one time or another. It’s just part of being human, IMO. But by the same token, I think the “answers” are beyond our reach. Which, in a way, makes it all the more intriguing. N’est pas? 😊


        1. I wouldn’t say the answers are beyond our reach. Possibly beyond our understanding? Or beyond our ability to see?
          We can all look at something, but we all not only see according to our own prejudices, but we tend to believe what we are seeing is truth. We forget to add on the qualifier, for us.
          I presume somewhere there must be Capital T TRUTH, but that is maybe what you mean by “answers” being “beyond our reach.” Intriguing? Some people see it as frustrating. Again, point-of-view.


  2. Nobody intended to beat you down or destroy your vision of a better world. Change CAN be made, but the drastic changes you proposed are unlikely. We chip away, bit by bit, and try/hope to make the world a better place. Your dreams are yours and nobody can take those from you. We were only saying that a journey of a thousand miles can only be done one step at a time … you cannot teleport to your destination. LuL

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    1. I say, “Why not?”
      But really what I was working on was a series of steps, and sometimes those steps cannot be baby steps. They have to be “giant leaps” from necessity. The more steps, the more chances of tripping and falling. The fewer the steps, the less the chance.
      Meanwhile, we discovered you are getting the notifications again, which is a positive, lol.


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