Time Out for some Awe-Inspiring Photos.

Here are two pics taken in my back yard. The second one I get to see every autumn, and it makes the other seasons worth living through just to see this for a few weeks every year.

The first pic is total serendipity. I awoke at dawn the other day. My eyes opened onto this image coming through my bedroom window. I grabbed my tablet and ran outside to capture it for posterity. I hope you enjoy them both.

Author: rawgod

A man with a lot of strange experiences in my life. Haven't traveled that much per se, but have lived in a lot of different areas. English is the only language I have mastered, and the older I get, the more of it I lose. Seniorhood gives me more time to self-reflect, but since time seems to go much faster, it feels like I don't have as much time for living as my younger selves did. I believe in spiritual atheism and responsible anarchy. These do not have to be oxymorons. Imagination is an incredible tool. I can imagine a lot of things.

6 thoughts on “Time Out for some Awe-Inspiring Photos.”

    1. Thanks, Gary. When I first moved here, I worked hard to prevent the maple bush from growing, but it insisted, so eventually I gave up. Other similar bushes in the area only grow about 4 feet tall, but this one loves life so much, as do I, it is by far the tallest such bush in over 100 sq.kms. of us. The Russian olive on the right is supposed to grow to 40 feet tall, but it doesn’t like the winter winds up high, so it became a bush by choice, spreading over an ever-widening area of what used to be our flower garden. Its leaves stay green with silver underneath until about March, when the leaves finally fall off, only to grow again in May. The elm on the left is just a normal elm, as far as I can tell. Its leaves turn yellow with the cooling autumn temperatures, and fall off with the first cold wind. But while they last, they change the scene into a tri-colour wonderland.
      The scene reflects how much Gail and I love life. It’s never easy, but it is always
      worth it.

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