Upon reading part 4 of this series, I realized I left a lot of unanswered questions and unfulfilled promises. In this part I will try to complete those thoughts as best I can.

To begin, and I am guessing, the beings we call the archaea (part 3) came as potential life from space and those that fell or were blown into the water turned into actual living beings. We are pretty sure life on earth began in the great ocesns of our early planet. Everything we think we know about them is potentially wrong. We will probably never know for sure. It is possible chemical reactions in the sea allowed them to turn from non-life into life, but that seems a bit far- fetched. Of course, they could also have been living beings that could have survived in space, in some sort of suspended animation, or some other unimaginable to us mrthod. Anyway, they seem to have flourished in the primal soup. That, however, does not tell us which came first,  the chicken or the egg, but I’m going to put my money on the egg, as far as earth is concerned.  So, eventually these single-celled organisms worked their way up the evolutionary ladder, until their progeny turned into the complex beings e are and see today.

Author: rawgod

Still a Hippie, and proud of it. Have my BSW, now retired. Would have preferred to be a Dr. of Philosophy, but the university I went to wouldn't let me study my own philosophy. Your gain, their loss. I live on the edge of society with my partner, five cats, a broodmare, and a three year-old filly who might make her racing debut this coming summer or fall. Remember the name, Tricksy T Clanton.

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