Disappearing Diamonds

Lyrics, by rawgod

Softly shimmering shining starlit sands

Disappearing diamonds drifting through my hands

Slowly floating feather-like to the shore

Where I shan’t see these same sands evermore


Life is like these minuscule grains of sand

No matter how you try you have to strand

The present in the past and leave it there

And never again create this moment rare


I know all things must pass from now to then

But still I try to keep them even when

They cannot be exactly as they were

My life I have to live now without her


But I can pick up sand another time

Yes I can choose another hill to climb

I can live where’er I choose to dwell

I don’t have to stay here in this hell


The choice is mine I tell myself each night

And maybe one day I’ll forego my plight

Once more for myself I’ll stand up tall

To her again I will refuse to crawl


How the hell did it ever come to this

It started with a single night of bliss

And grew from there to heights I’d never reached

Now like a whale upon this shore I’m beached


If I don’t get up soon I’ll start to die

Why can’t I get myself to even try

The sea is filled with fish I once was told

For now I will remain here in this cold


Perhaps one day I’ll launch my life anew

I’ll fix my hull and find another crew

But when I do I’ll vow before I start

To put a raincoat on my broken heart


Softly shimmering shining starlit sands

Disappearing diamonds drifting through my hands

Slowly floating feather-like to the shore

Where I shan’t these same sands evermore

Author: rawgod

Still a Hippie, and proud of it. Have my BSW, now retired. Would have preferred to be a Dr. of Philosophy, but the university I went to wouldn't let me study my own philosophy. Your gain, their loss. I live on the edge of society with my partner, five cats, a broodmare, and a three year-old filly who might make her racing debut this coming summer or fall. Remember the name, Tricksy T Clanton.

11 thoughts on “Disappearing Diamonds”

    1. Thank you, Lisa,
      I’ve never had any of my poetry described that way before. Now I am the one who is stunned. I’m glad you enjoyed it as you did.
      How you been lately?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A mess, as expected. Lol! But still around. And your poetry is brilliant, so don’t sell it short. I know I have much reading to catch up on, and every recent post of yours is saved with that in mind. But today, like so many others before it, finds me stumbling in the door at 11pm (having been gone since 9am), much too exhausted to give the written word the attention it deserves. Soon, I tell myself… but time will tell.


        1. Just do what you can, Lisa. I still have a year’s worth of your blog to read. But I refrained from it while you were busy, I did not want to take your attention away from where it had to be. Please let me know when you feel caught up and rested, so I can start asking for explanations, etc. when you are up to it. (☺)

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I give up on no one, my friend, not even the Dastardly Tyrant-wannabe. But he will take a lot longer to dig himself out of this hole than will even his followers. Meanwhile, you=me=all living beings. And all of us are, or will be, responsible for life when our need is called for. Peace, Lisa.

              Liked by 1 person

                1. Thank you, Lisa. I had been worried about you. With all that you are going through I hoped nothing disastrous had happened. I’m glad you are back writing too.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Nothing disastrous has happened… yet! But the same “threats” keep repeating themselves, and there is nothing I can truly do about them, but keep pretending everything is going to work out ok in the end. So far, so good, so I will have to wait and see. Time reveals much… eventually. Lol!


                    1. Yeah, everything in its own time. Except, this is one “time” I am not sure it is worth waiting for. But hopefully it is.
                      In my terms, at least you are not dead yet, so that means you can still come out on top. My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed for you.

                      Liked by 1 person

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