Not Yet a Man

man – the baby
crawling down from the trees
toddling upright on two legs
learning to communicate

man – the baby
orphaned at his birth
no one there to love him
he soils the place he sleeps

man – the young child
playing with his blocks
building cities
enjoying their destruction

man – the young child
lives without self-worth
lacking discipline
stepping on spiders

man – prepubescent
growing suddenly tall
playing cops and robbers
bullying his mates

man – prepubescent
enduring hormone change
always irritable
skipping school

man – the teen-ager
frightened by his sex
desire burning in his loins
aggression his only outlet

man – the teen-ager
sex drive now raging
swinging moods
demanding independence

man – not yet a man
in the body of a man
thinking he is grown up
fists solve his problems

man – not yet a man
considering peace
seeing possibilities
no idea how to achieve them

Author: rawgod

Still a Hippie, and proud of it. Have my BSW, now retired. Would have preferred to be a Dr. of Philosophy, but the university I went to wouldn't let me study my own philosophy. Your gain, their loss. I live on the edge of society with my partner, five cats, a broodmare, and a three year-old filly who might make her racing debut this coming summer or fall. Remember the name, Tricksy T Clanton.

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