Experimenting with Reincarnation

Designing an experiment to demonstrate reincarnation

Purpose of the Experiment

Reincarnation is the process which allows life to live time after time, learning various lessons about life, until you’ve learned enough lessons to be called a Buddha.I propose to demonstrate how my theory of reincarnation works by using earthly objects and utensils.


By adding controlled amounts of water colour powders to a tablespoon of water, then adding the water to a swimming pool of clear water, the paint should hardly make an effect to the colour of the water in the pool at the beginning, but in time should discolour the water, and ultimately make it impossible to see the bottom of the pool while floating face down in that pool.


  1. 1 regulation size swimming pool filled to the very top with clear  water
  2. 50 pails of various colours of  water paint powders
  3. 1 tablespoon
  4. 1 1/8 teaspoon
  5. an unending supply of test tubes with storage racks of some kind
  6. a microscope
  7. empty ledgers entitled Reincarnation Experiment Book I, Book II, etc
  8. sufficient pens to complete the record-keeping till the end of the experiment


Preperation: Setting the controls–Using the tools at hand, count the number of particles of each colour of the paint powders in 1/8th of a teaspoon of powder and mark them in the ledger. Standing at a corner of the shallow end of the pool, remove 1 tablespoon of water from the swimming pool, put it in a test tube, and check it under the microscope for paint particles. There should be no sign of paint particles in the water. This water sample and the number of particles of paint in each colour of powdered paint will be your control samples.

Conducting the experiment–Remove 1 tablespoon of water from the swimming pool. Add  1/8 of a teaspoon of water paint powder, letting it dissolve, then replacing the tablespoon of water in the swimming pool. Wait until the paint disperses into the water. Repeat as necessary using a different colour of paint powder each time until all the 50 paint colours have been used once. Walk to the diagonal corner of the pool and remove 1 tablespoon of water into a test tube. Examine this water from the test tube to see if it contains any paint particles. In the ledger write down the number of particles, if any. Next assign the sample a clarity rating between transparent and opaque. Store the test tube and sample adjacent to the control sample. Note in the ledger if you can see a difference between the two adjacent test tubes. Repeat the complete process until the water is judged to be opaque at the diagonal corner where the test samples are taken , and draw a line under the last entry, noting the number of paint particles and colours in the final sample.

Completing the experiment–Count the number of test tube samples and compare that to the number of entries in the ledgers to ensure they are equal. Divide the total numbers of particles of each colour used in the experiment into the total number of particles of every colour used.This will give you the ratio of each colour used in the experiment. Compare the ratio of particles of each colour found in the final sample to the ratio of the total number of particles of each colour used in the experiment. Is there any correlation between them? What conclusion might you draw about how each colour spread throughout the swimming pool?

Making it real–Starting from a Tibetan viewpoint of reincarnation, it is believed, and has been for many centuries, that life exists on more than one plane, in more than one dimension. The life there is not human life, nor a godly life but a storehouse of sorts for spirits after they complete their life on earth.

I was brought up a Christian, as a believer in Christ, and for the first ten years of my life I never questioned it. Then little doubts began to creep in, questions that I asked of those older and supposedly wiser than me. Listening to the radio, reading newspapers, and watching TV made me wonder how anyone could live such a perfect life that they weren’t bound for hell. My main Sunday school teacher was a man who made money by paying men to work for him, but he kept more money than the total of the amount he paid his employees. To me that was called greed. There were men who got drunk every weekend , then came home and beat up their wives and children. Surely god would not want them in his heaven. In fact, the Bible tells the stories of a god that ruled with an iron fist, demanding to be worshipped, and killing or maiming those who did not worship him. So it was written, so I believed. I started to look, first at other Christian faiths, then at other religions who had other gods, or had different names for god, or bunches of gods living lives of ease while the humans they supposedly ruled had hardly anything to eat, or enough water to drink. It seemed to me like everyone was bound for hell, no matter what they said or did on Sundays, because there were six other days when it seemed they did not give a whit of how they lived their lives. I learned a word for that: hypocrisy. Everyone I knew was a hypocrite, and I wanted no part in such a religious monstrosity.

So I started looking elsewhere, and came across a series of books on Tibetan Buddhism. I didn’t know much more about it than I could find to read, but it made much more sense than anything else I had encountered. Especially attractive to me was the theory of Reincarnation. Instead of having just one life–one chance–to make it to heaven or be sent to hell, that idea struck me like a ton of feather-down  pillows. But these people had no hell, all they had was nirvana, a place you were sent when you lived a good life, and it was your reward for persevering all your incarnations until you finally got it right. (At least that was how I understood that in my middle teen-age years.) I began to study more about reincarnation when the Beatles changed the face of the world, and as soon as I turned the legal age to leave home if I so wanted, I gave myself my best birthday present ever, and left home. This word did not exist at that time, but I couch-surfed for a number of months, and tried to go to school to finish my education. That didn’t last long, as I grew my hair long, and started listening to what was called “underground music,” and I heard songs of other people who thought like me, and they were all flocking to the west coast. I packed a few clothes, and walked about ten miles to where the highway west began, and I stuck out my thumb. 34 hours later, and a few misadventures behind me, I reached Vancouver, and immediately fell in with a group of people who slept in abandoned houses by night, and panhandled all day to buy food for everyone to eat. Eventually I was offered some marijuana to smoke, nothing like the potency of today’s marijuana, and instead of getting “stoned,” I got “high” in the sense that I could think better and clearer about my budding belief system. Well, maybe I was stoned too, but each time I smoked grass I felt my consciousness raising higher and higher. Then someone else gave me some acid (LSD) and my consciousness soared. When the book Jonathan Livingstone Seagull came out a few years later, I knew exactly how Jonathan felt, flying higher and higher, faster and faster.

And then it happened. One night while high on acid I broke through the barrier in my mind, and I symbolically  rode the Silver Cord to the place where dead spirits go. Only I wasn’t dead, I was totally aware of my body back on earth, and I knew something was happening that I was very privileged to see. It was the most beautiful place I had ever encountered, sight, sound, presence, without gravity, and without time as I knew it.  And then a voice, my voice, said to me, “_____ ______ ______ , you are here before your time. You have two choices, remain here and become one with us, or return to earth to your body.?” I never even thought about it, I returned back to earth and found the hole in my mind I had exited through. My body was busy repairing it, and I barely got through before the hole was fixed. I don’t want to know what would have happened if I had been two seconds later.

I returned to that place of beauty one more time, sort of like an experiment to see if I could duplicate the event, and I did, but my way into My Home was blocked, and I was sent back to earth with the warning, your next time will be your last. Use your life wisely. For the next month I walked around happy to the point of being giddy. Nothing bothered me, everyone was my friend and sibling,  and somewhere in my mind was information I absorbed while in that place, and I had only to look for it and I would find it.

But that proved harder than I thought it could be, and I took 30 or more years to finally begin to understand. During those years I came close to death many times, being run off the road while riding a bicycle down a mountain road, the car that did it speeding off ahead and not stopping to see if they had killed me. Falling asleep while driving alone on the highway, and waking up with barely enough time to avoid the semi-trailer coming at me, close enough to see the truck driver was still sound asleep too. Losing control on an east coast highway, with just enough of a grass median to spin around three or four times without entering the oncoming traffic lane. Being down in San Diego in the Old City populated only by Mexicans, most of whom probably did not have green cards. I was walking down a sidewalk, not knowing anyone was around, when an arm reached around my head, and I could feel the razor sharpness of the knife blade being held against my carotid artery, one second away from death, until I told the attacker I was a Canadian, and I was just walking around admiring the architecture of the houses. Next thing I knew I was getting a guided tour while the very friendly young man steered me out of Old City and back into a nearby park that formed the boundary between life and death for some people. And there were other times I have forgotten about, but as near as I came to death, something or someone always came to my rescue. I think most of the time it was me protecting myself.

But getting back to reincarnation, it is impossible for me not to  believe it exists, not having seen what I have seen, experienced what I have experienced, changed in so many positive ways that there has to be a purpose for it, and a purpose for life in general.

Author: rawgod

A man with a lot of strange experiences in my life. Haven't traveled that much per se, but have lived in a lot of different areas. English is the only language I have mastered, and the older I get, the more of it I lose. Seniorhood gives me more time to self-reflect, but since time seems to go much faster, it feels like I don't have as much time for living as my younger selves did. I believe in spiritual atheism and responsible anarchy. These do not have to be oxymorons. Imagination is an incredible tool. I can imagine a lot of things.

30 thoughts on “Experimenting with Reincarnation”

  1. As you suggested rawgod, I came to the beginning of your blog and started to read through. I will do a bit each day.

    While I appreciate the amount of effort you have put in, I have to guage what time I give to each activity and so I am unlikely to partake in any of your quite thoughtful experiments. The paint in the swimming pool is a good analogy to describing how each of us goes into conciousness and mix together.

    I stopped here today to say that I can really resonate with some of your feelings and thoughts.

    I was once given a book by a Chinese friend who tended a library by his Buddhist temple.
    It was an English version of the Tibetan philosophy around death and the spirits surround it. A sort of interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
    It actually had some parallels with the Catholic idea of purgatory. On dying, spirits would visit the dying body and they would be in varying forms. Upon death, the released spirit underwent a testing time where they must travel through the territory of scary deities and pass tests of courage. I actually stopped reading at this point because the rest of the book seemed to be a set of rules for living not unlike the Catholic catechism. I was immensely disappointed.
    But like you, while I would throw away the scaremongering stuff and keep the idea of various physical manifestations over a timeless period.

    I would thou, also keep the idea of Karma, not as some over reaching idea of justice, but more as a yin and yang kind of balance. Every negative has a positive and vice versa. Or if you like, every effect, has an equal and opposite effect.

    Most of what we do in life does have these opposite effects, but they are subtle and not always observed. It works as a balance. And the constant movement of everything is the result. If rain falls, it must evaporate, so that it can fall again… (to simplify things).

    I have had my own death experience, but not as a physical one, but as a profound prophetic dream. It didn’t at first change my life, until 5 years later, when all the dream experiences began to unfold in real life. I was so shocked, that I quit my job, changed my outlook, my relationship, and my location.

    If you are interested in the full account of that dream, let me know, but the point here is that like you, I ended up dead in that place that has light with no apparent source. I was guided by a being to look at a large ledger placed on a podium. Next to it was a quill. The book lay open and the writing upon it was my own. I read my words and then began to protest that there were more explanations (my own guilt ridden thoughts protesting my innocence). The being looked at me kindly and said. “You cannot change what you have already written. You have a choice – you can accept this as the record of your life and stay, or you can choose to go back and add more words.”
    I really wanted to stay, but my thoughts knew I wanted to add to the ledger. I was immediately sucked back into my body, which in the dream was in the mortuary with a sheet over it and a tag on my toe. ‘

    I was struck by two things.

    My judgement is my own.

    ‘ words,’ not sentences or phrases or clever manuscripts, we’re what I would add to the ledger. So to be clear, individual words, not the clever manipulation of them were to be added.

    This really translates down into every individual thought form. One can negate anything bad with a qualifier, but that ‘bad’ thing has already appeared and is part of the record.

    So, rawgod, I shall likely copy and read the rest of your blogs offline. I shall be travelling soon and not able to visit every day. But you will see me from time to time as I flit through in search of information. I feel that mine is a constant quest and thirst for knowledge. It is the one thing that I crave. Everything else seems to be enjoyable but not enlightening.


    1. Excellent assessment, Colette. Although I do not remember all the details, I know you have told me your “story” before.. but you can tell it again in case you remember some details that you forgot last time around. Although my memory is good from that era, it is not perfect, and details can change, as if my focus is from different points.
      I am okay with you taking a year or two to catch up in my blog, there is no need to rush. Just like I can put karma back in if I come across something that causes me to do so. Right now it is out, though I am aware of the process. It does not fit my experience, and I trust my experiences above all else. For me to question them would be to question myself, and that could lead to doubt.
      I too was quite disenheartened by the translation I read of the TBotD. I know nothing about the catholic catechism, but I know when something is meant for the general public, and the TBotD is such an offering.
      So, I will check my email soon, to see if you wrote back yet, and you’ll hear more from me, or not, as the situation calls for.


      1. I’m not sure what you mean about ‘my story? ‘ Do you mean my dream and subsequent life change, or do you mean my story from the beginning of my life? I think I shared some details of bits of it on Sha’Tara’s blog, but my whole life needs a bloomin’ book, not just a comment. Let me know what interests you and I’ll try to share a bit. 😁


        1. As for the Dream…

          It is difficult to explain all the details but the dream happened shortly after a promotion at work (I worked as a ‘ film stripper and Camera technician in a print facility for a University printing shop). I moved to a new location running a copy shop as a supervisor of 10 employees.

          My dream started with me working back in my old location but somehow in a different role. I was sent somewhere South and had a portable computer (this was 1994, so laptops were not really that common). I was in a hotel and I had just got a coffee in the breakfast area of the hotel, near the front foyer. I had taken the coffee to an easy chair and sat holding the cup, while trying to look at the computer that was on my lap. I was quite stressed. I felt tired and worried. Then without warning, I felt as though something put my body in a vice like grip. I felt the cup drop from my hand, but not much else. Suddenly the pain disappeared as I saw my Grandfather in his familiar hamburg type hat (My Grandfather, I knew was dead). He gently took my right hand, and he and I floated upwards toward the top a fake bookshelf on the far side of the room. As I looked down, wondering at my new ability to fly, I caught sight of my body in the chair. I had slumped forward. The computer laptop at my feet, the cup on the floor, contents over the soft carpet. No one else in the room had noticed yet. I looked at my Grandfather and he said, “come on, we have some things that you need to see.” The journey’s he took me on were a bit surreal. We travelled quickly around the Earth. I could see the globe passing around and around as though we were orbiting very fast. Then we zoomed in and I found myself in my childhood town, on our street and finally just passing through the front door as though I could pass through solid objects.

          I stared at the scene before me. I was looking at me as a teenager and seeing me being unreasonable with my parents. I remembered the incident, and the feeling that they were being mean and unfair. But instead of feeling that again, I was suddenly feeling the frustration and disappointment of my parents. It actually brought a lump to my throat. My Grandfather smiled and said, “Yes, you gave them quite a time of it.”

          My Grandfather zoomed me through more revolutions to another incident closer to the present time, again with similar sort of alternative viewing.

          Then, we were off to the future. I remembered thinking “This is like ‘A Christmas Carol,'” by Charles Dickens. (I lter remembered that my Grandfather was an avid reader of the Charles Dickens books.

          The future brought me to my house in Canada. But when we passed through the walls, I was not there with my partner, there was a strange woman living there, and my partner’s daughter was laughing and joking with her. I was confused.

          Then my Grandfather sort of faded, as did the scene as I felt a sudden burst of light and speed, then a place full of light but no apparent walls.

          This is where I met the being, read my life account in my own hand and was told that I cannot change anything that is written, but could add to the words if I chose to go back. There was also a warning.

          “All you have seen will come to pass in 5 years if you do not change.” And just like that… I was sent back… As my body woke up in the dream morgue, I really woke up on bed next to my partner. My heart was thumping and I was drenched in sweat. I was 38 years old, and I felt like I had just had a heart attack. Shaken, I got out of bed slowly and couldn’t believe that I had experienced just a dream. It felt as real as anything I have felt in wakefulness.

          Tomorrow, I will recount how events started to occur as predicted by the dream, but for now, my phone is dying and needs charging….


        2. Yes, I meant your dream and some of the changes you went thtough. But if you want to write a book, go for it, lol.
          I have not advertised it widely, but I do have a second blog, word art by rawgod at wordartbyrawgod.wordpress.com. It begins with a short auto-biographical colletion of poetry and prose called becoming me. Like this site it is best to start at the start, lol. That is my “book,” so far.


  2. Hi again rawgod.
    Sorry, I did not post any more yet. I have been overtaken by life at the moment.

    I am back in the UK now after a long journey that culminated less than 24 hrs ago, but took nearly 2 days.

    I will recount a bit more of the life changes after that death dream soon (perhaps tomorrow, if I can find enough time).

    I have to say though, that all of our journey through life, is not set in stone, and things change, and keep changing. I am learning that my mistakes are usually big ones, but it is how we learn.


  3. My death dream left me feeling stressed for several minutes after I woke up.

    After a few days, I reasoned that it was ‘just a dream.’ I wasn’t in any position to be doing any kind of presentation, let alone one constructed on a portable computer or in another city. I dismissed the whole dream as fanciful thinking, even if it did seem quite real. While the details of it remained sharp, I gradually stopped thinking about it.

    Then, my relationship began to falter. I put all my energy into work, but that sort of conspired against me too. I went through a variety of problems with staff. I also began to suspect that my boss (newly hired at the time of my dream) was quite inept. She made sweeping changes that would eventually end in disaster, my resignation and two years beyond that, her own dismissal without references. But I am getting ahead of myself.

    It was five years on from the dream when my boss decided (against all hiring protocol) to place me in a different position. She didn’t give me any choice. I was put in charge of marketing, moved to my former building of work, and given an equivalent grade of seniority to several other managers. There is a lot that I will skip over here… too much detail is not likely to improve the consequential outcome.

    While some of the dream was already starting to manifest in the physical, I didn’t think about it until much later. I had been allocated a new whizzy laptop. One of the first one’s on the market, it was expensive. My boss announced that I would be required to give presentations, and she would be taking me to several conferences, but that I was to share the laptop with others required to do the same.

    When, a few months later, my boss announced that I would be going to New Orleans with her and her boss in a few months time, I went into meltdown. I was already stressed from work overload, and the mention of the city I had my death dream in, just brought the whole dream into sharp focus once again. I was already unhappy with my life and decided I needed to look for some kind of reprieve from this awful sentence (as that was how I saw it).

    I became so stressed that I asked for a 10 week leave of absence from work, citing relationship breakdown problems (also true) as the reason. I could hardly say that I was scared of a dream coming true.

    The 10 weeks came and went, and back at work, the trip to New Orleans loomed less than a month away. The trip was a complete waste of money (tax payer money). It was a bogus reason that my boss gave to hers, encouraging him to take four days for a trip to see me present at a prestigious conference on computer technology. My presentation would be a complete white elephant, of no importance at all, and I learned that my presentation had been relegated away from the main program into a side room for the (20 minute talks of possible interest) evening program. I told my boss this, and accused her of wasting money on flights, food and hotels for three people in the hope that a few people might come to a room that only holds 20 people on a workshop. As you can imagine, she wasn’t happy. I refused flat to be party to such a debacle.

    To cut a long story short, I almost got fired. My boss assigned two of my underlings to go in my place with her and her boss. The four of them had a grand old time partying at Mardis Gras for three days. Apparently 10 people showed at the presentation, and five of them left after the first few minutes.

    My life went into a tailspin. My boss made my life miserable at work. I tried to take her to court, but I didn’t have enough written evidence. Most of her diabolical threats and actions were verbal with no witnesses. I gave up, tendered my resignation after 25 years of service. There are side stories to all of that and eventually all the manipulative stuff that I had accused her (and other managers) of, came to light two years later. She and four other managers were fired. And a fifth manager went to jail for two years for embezzlement of $100,000 dollars. But by then, I was out of the country. But my life had changed completely by then, and would only get better.

    Next installment to come.


    1. I knew my death dream occurred in New Orleans because I looked up the hotel we were to stay in. It was the same as my dream and I felt a shock wave of fear as soon as I realised its awful consequence.


  4. During my 10 week leave of absence, I decided to follow up on some fanciful stuff that a friend had introduced me to, (her attempt to reduce my stress and help me feel there was a bit more to life). I plunged myself wholesale into energy healing, reiki, and reflexology. I attended shamanic sessions and found a new group of friends. I spent little time at home. It didn’t matter to my partner, who had taken himself off on an extended holiday to see his parents. By the time he came back, I had decided that I would try to go back to school part time to learn Massage Therapy. He wasn’t impressed. I had a good job, and I was the bread winner, because he was lazy and in all honesty quite manipulative. He was horrified at me taking an unpaid leave.

    After I almost got fired, I requested flexible hours, which my boss approved, because she liked the idea of not having to interact with me so much. I started working 2:30 pm to 9:30 pm. My mornings 8:00 to 2:00 pm were taken up at school. I continued along for six months like this, but then it became too much and after further crap at work, I resigned.

    I finished school and ran three separate practices of massage therapy (for a while) eventually combining to one.

    I felt like a different person already. My energy work was important to me and probably saved me from major depression.

    My relationship though, was going from bad to worse.
    There was a particular night when I was still studying for my massage therapy exams, when my partner was particularly unsupportive. I had laid in bed feeling helpless and just threw everything over to the Universe. I had not managed to control my life, so I gave up the last bit of trying to do so. It was then that most stuff just flipped. My job went, my partner told me to move into the spare bedroom, I passed all my exams with flying colours and I got three places to practice massage therapy with almost no effort.

    Then serendipity stepped in. I was flown over to UK by my brother in law for my sister’s 50th birthday. All of us sisters were together after 40 years apart. At the time, my future partner was in the same restaurant where we all remet, but I didn’t know it at the time.

    Later, a Niece told me about ‘Friends Reunited,’ a website to reunite old school friends.

    When I got back to Canada, I looked up the website and found a boy that I knew as a real young child. His parents were friends with mine and I had liked him. I had not seen him since age 11, but I sent him a message anyway. He was the only one of a few names that I recognised, who had posted his email address.

    I think we chatted for nearly two years. I didn’t expect it to be a relationship, but almost simultaneously without each of us knowing, our respective relationships came to an end.
    We were thrown together in an unusual way really.

    The weird coincidences of how many times we had been in the same places at the same time, but not known it, through the years made us think that we had some sort of link.

    I left Canada and we got married. (First time for both of us). 15 years on, my life is a long way from where I was.

    To go back to the dream… I was told that I could add to my words that make up my conscious life. I have found myself travelling all over the world, experiencing all sorts of things. Some are real tests to my fear levels, test my anger, test my compassion and test my resolve to understand life.

    It is as though I have been given the opportunity to see life from lots of different perspectives so I can understand that having a narrow view point does not provide any real idea of what it is to experience a physical life.

    One of the biggest challenges to me when I was a manager, was to carry out my boss’s demands that I reprimand staff. I hated having to dish out what I considered to be unnecessary harsh penalties. When I’d refused on one occasion, my boss had sent me to anger management sessions with HR. I didn’t have anger management issues (and the course leader knew it after the first session).

    I needed to break free from a poor life. My dream was the instigating factor.

    Incidentally, my ex moved his new girlfriend into his house the day that I left. She looked like the woman in my dream.


    1. My old boss and one or two of the managers tried to contact me in the years after I resigned, usually through other people. I would not respond. But I did forgive them for their harsh treatment of me. Without that, I would not have acted upon the dream, I would not have changed my thoughts, I would not have let go of my ego, and I would not be where I am now. I believe that many lessons are hard ones.

      Is life perfect now? No. But I have greater flexibility, greater compassion, greater respect for all, and greater sixth sense than I ever thought before that dream. I am learning that the ‘self’ is not as individual as we think, but that it is a dynamic part of a dance with other ‘selves.’ None are perfect. The perfection comes from how it fits together. It is like a chemical reaction… Some have beneficial outcomes and some have destructive outcomes, but nothing is completely destroyed, only transformed.


      1. And now you and I have made such a connection. I don’t expect to ever meet you physically, but online is good enough. We can share thoughts, ideas, revelations, etc. There are never enough spiritual friends in the world. Iam glad I got to know you.


          1. You cannot bore me. Your experiences are very interesting, and somewhat amazing. I haved had many small paranormal experiences in my life, whatever you want to call them, but nothing like what you had. I have never had anything to predict my own death. Not that I want to–I will be happiest if it comes as a complete surprise. But to predict it, and then be able to avoid it, you are doing something very right with your life, if you don’t mi d my saying.


            1. But, I am facing new challenges now. I have not lost any thing that I have learned along the way, but I feel a push to something, I know not what. We do not live static lives unless we choose to. I feel as though something new, abrupt, and not necessarily comfortable is coming my way. The energy has changed already. The physical will follow.
              To explain what I mean by that…

              Many years ago, a reflexologist friend told me that I had a problem with my ovaries. She picked it up intuitively through an energy scan. Six months later a routine scan indicated that I had a cyst. My friend would pick up many things, and she always related them back to my unhappiness.

              Whatever we do in life changes, as does our learning. We humans have not yet quite understood that nothing is permanent. Neither misery nor happiness can be pinned to eternity. Our experience is to feel all, to appreciate all, and to help others do the same.

              When I left my ex, he had to face learning experiences that would help his growth. I left it far to long and by so doing, denied him some understanding. I was always aware of this. And now I feel something of the same with my husband. He does not see my mind, he does not understand my thinking. Originally, both were part of the attraction to me, but it has since been lost. I wish that I could make him see differently, but he has already turned away. Life changes. Sigh!


              1. People change, but seldom do they change in the same direction. That creates feelings of loss, possibly inadequacy. But you are not responsible for them, Colette. You can still love them, but know that your time cannot be spent birthing them as you birthed yourself. Each in their own time, in their own place.
                I cannot remember if you believe in reincarnation or not. Whether it is for comfort, or for possibility, I hope you do. Reincarnation makes change probable, if not mandatory. We like things to happen now, but now is not a necessity. Given infinite time, all things must pass, including change.
                As for you, I do not know what you are heading towards, but I am confident you will do a good job of it. If it is something I can help you with, feel free to ask. At the very least, I offer you encouragement. I’m not the greatest team player, my insights can be very powerful and I fight like a rabid dog to implement them, but I can at least brainstorm with the best of them. I call myself an “idea guy,” meaning I see from many viewpoints, and I see without walls, so I come up with some great ideas. However, I am terrible at implementing them. I often overextend what is possible.
                But at least I try…


                1. Your words are soothing rg.
                  I do believe in reincarnation, but am not entirely sure of its contextual manifestation. We do not remember that which went before, and yet, and yet, occasionally our mind plays tricks, deja vu occurs, affinity with a photograph of an ancestor we never met, dreams of lives we never had. They all serve as glimpses into what exactly?


                  1. Good question, and I have tried over and over to explain, or at least, envision how that works, but even having been on the brink of, or even partially absorbed into the pool, I still cannot understand the process in all its tremendous complexity. I have even tried to take it back to what I see as its most simplistic, but that does not work for me either.
                    Is it us, the human being, that is being reincarnated, or is it just the spirits of the individual cells that make our bodies up being reincarnated, and those spirits connecting together of billions of past lives into the larger spirit of who we feel like we are today. (I tend towards the latter these days, because it just seems more possible than our macro-spirits remaining intact through tne process.) This gives us a much wider background to feel an affinity to.
                    All I can say is that the glimpses are into life itself, and if you have read those posts where I postulate an original life being, that I have called First Life, or One Life, then while we do not knos what we afe building, or why we are building it, we are advancing it towards something that we can only didcover as we become able, as one spiritual organism (bad word, but trapped by my language) to better see where our path is taking us–my assertion that we have no purpose, yet, but we are working to discover one.
                    Clear as mud, I apologize.


    2. Hmmm, you were certainly in touch with something. And lucky you were able to avoid the fate you saw coming. I am very happy your life changed into something that allows you to see life from many different. perspectives. Some people you never expect to change do, while others you think might don’t. No one ever knows…


      1. You know, life offers the most amazing connections. They are always there. When we open our heart, they come flooding in. When we close our heart and rely only on our head, we become blind to the possibilities. I think I prefer the first option, but so many times fall into the second. That is the test of our physical manifestation. 😊 Glad to get to know you too, rg, my new Spiritual friend.


        1. I myself would have to word that slightly differently, I would say opening your heart, or spirit, together with opening your mind, or imagination, can bring you to these, what do I call them, inter-life connections, that fill you up with the sense of belonging to something that is incredible, but peaceful and non-threatening (which is why I refuse to accept the concept of gods).

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I do not believe in gods either. I think those that have manifest through religions are perhaps entities, but not omnipotent, not all benevolent. The universe is complicated as are the beings who live in its connected life strands.


            1. That is the big problem, gods that manifest through religions are not connected to life, at least not in the physical plane. To me they are so disconnected, and I see all living beings as connected, that I cannot see them as being alive at all. I could be wrong, but they would involve a totally different type of life, one I cannot see being a part of our cosmos.


              1. Our human ancestors created Gods out of a need to explain energy connections they felt but could not adequately explain. That is how we try to explain all things. But then, the worship of those energies, the foundation of physical rules and the hierarchy of powerful people in control of the rules, reduced the whole experience to dogma, control through fear and slaving. We are the most amazing beings, but until we break those bonds of slavery to false beliefs, we will always live in fear of that which does not exist.


                1. Definitely one way to put it, very similar to many things I have said over the years. But unfortunately I cannot continue this conversation right now. Life calls, I must respond. But thank you for this morning. I am feeling somewhat more positive than when I woke up, lol. Till later…


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