I Have a Dream…a side trip to the future

You cannot force yourself to evolve spiritually, but it will happen when you are ready

Question: What is the purpose of Spiritual Atheism?

Answer: To bring about a new way of living.

Question: How is it that we can do that?

Answer: By learning who we really are and living a life filled with happiness and love.

Question: You say that the best way to do that is to look inside ourselves?

Answer: All the tools to discover ourselves and take control of our own lives are inside us, and using them will help us end all the things that are wrong with our society.

Question: Is such a life possible?

Answer: It is not only possible, but it is probable, even if I never write another word. It has nothing to do with me. It is all up to everyone individually.

Question: How can you guarantee such a thing will happen?

Answer: Spiritual evolution cannot be stopped. I just happen to be the first person I know of that is willing to write it down for others to find. Please note, though, you cannot force yourself to evolve spiritually, just as you cannot force your body to evolve physically. Yet that will happen too.

Question: In your writings you use the term “living beings” a lot. Do you not merely mean human beings? People?

Answer: I do not know that earth is the only planet harbouring life, and in particular intelligent life. Life on our planet did not start out as intelligent, but as both natural and spiritual evolution have advanced us to this time and space, so they will continue to advance us as we continue to change and progress. Barring us blowing up our planet with nuclear weapons, or killing all life on earth with biological weapons, evolution cannot be stopped. It is my dream that we will remain alive as a life-sustaining ecosystem, and we will reach a point sometime in the future where we need no gods to worship and plead with, no gold to have to use to buy the things we need to be able to live, and no governments to tell us how to live our own lives. I call this the Era of Responsible Anarchy.

Question: This sounds like a pipe dream, another oxymoronic phrase just like spiritual atheism. What do you mean by responsible anarchy?

Answer: Responsible Anarchy simply means living our lives by taking responsibility for our actions and our speech. Once enough of us reach this stage, the need for gods, gold (as represented by money), and government will all become obsolete. What that means to us as individuals and as a species, notwithstanding that all living beings throughout the universe are heading in this same direction, is a world society filled with love and respect for everyone. Many of our so-called emotions will disappear: hatred, greed, anger, envy, jealousy and others will prove to be coping mechanisms learned at our parents knees, or through the lives of friends. When we see others get angry and become aggressive, we will realize they are letting go of their self-control in order to cover up their own faults and inadequacies. Jealousy is akin to ownership, and no one can own another being. Envy is generally brought on by not having something another person has, and feeling that you must have it too. Greed is the desire to have more of something than you will need. Hatred is what you allow yourself to feel when you do not understand something that is going on around you: seeing someone of another race acting differently than you are obliged by society to act, or not being able to understand their language and customs, or even meeting someone who looks exactly like you, but yet they are as different from you as night is from day, any kind of misunderstanding can provoke anger. But take note, humans express anger mostly when they are around someone weaker than they are, or someone they know will not react to their anger in a way they understand. Or, if you feel you need to be punished for some real or imagined misdeed, then you will let your anger come out in hope of that other person punishing you. Even love does not have to be a real emotion, but an excuse to get close to someone you want to dominate, be dominated by, or even just to have sex with. Few of these things happen without cause, consciously or subconsciously, but because you learned them by watching or experiencing them as a child. By becoming responsible for yourself, these “learned expressions of feelings” will become a thing of the past. You will not need anyone else telling you what to do or how to act, because you will know inside you that you will be able to get along with this other person or group of persons, and your children will learn responsibility at your knees without you having to reprimand them for not learning them. When people are ready for some lesson to be learned, they will learn it, internalize it, and see that it fits with the kind of person they are inside themselves.

Responsible Anarchy

As people evolve spiritually, they tend to realize they live alone in their own minds. For millenia, probably since the first intelligent being on the planet said, “I,” she, the one the scientists call Lucy, the mother of all human beings, looked around her and thought, What am I, and came to the conclusion her parents, who had no intelligence, were to blame for her being different from every being on the planet. The amazing thing about this was that she passed the gene for intelligence on through her DNA , and her children passed it on to their children. This is how a mutation works. Somehow a sperm and an ovary came together in such a way that Lucy metamorphosed from an animal into a person, and though she did not understand it, she probably did not like being different from her group. But there was more to it than that. Lucy was probably a vegetarian as were all her group, but the gene she passed on prepared her descendants for the next drought, the one where plant life dried up and died before it could provide the nutrients for human life. But the intelligence gene alive in her children’s children saw the possibility of eating meat as a way to replace the lost nutrients from the dead plant life. By eating grubs and other insects, they survived, but they too mutated into a new kind of being, a hunter. It would not have taken a group of hunters long to scavenge the land around them for bugs and grubs, so they had to branch out from the valley of their birth in search of food capable of keeping them alive. Not understanding the works of nature, they would have found blame in the dying plants, and the scarcity of crawling foods, for their predicament. They ended up having to move farther and farther away from “home,” until they were  lost. They no longer knew where their homes were. But the important thing is, they did not blame themselves for the predicament they were in, but blamed nature for forcing them away.

However, they set the tone for all future generations that have lived until today, and even for some generations still to come. Right now there are few people who admit to being to blame for their actions, and the others can find all kinds of scapegoats for why they do the things they do. This was the fate of humanity, until someone invented the God Theory, and suddenly besides blaming others, they began to blame their gods for all their bad luck. It was only the few that took the blame upon themselves, and most of them were executed for their indiscretions. The resulting problem was that no one became responsible for themselves, and eventually God became the focus of the blame for a large number of the world’s population, and it was an easy accusation because no God stood up for itself to say “It is not my fault.”

“It is the will of God!” has been spoken from so many lips that to try and count them would take hundreds of lifetimes. It is time to break that pattern, and for us to take responsibility for our actions and our words. I call this Responsible Anarchy. As you gain confidence in who you are, you begin to take over your own life. If something happens and you are the one responsible for that happening, you stand up and say, It was me who did that. Or the group you belong to. YOU are becoming responsible to yourself, as well as to your society. And as that happens, you begin to realize that it is the lawmakers of the land who are trying so hard to control the public that they are making laws to benefit themselves more than others, and designing the laws to keep a steady stream of individual workers under their thumbs, with very little change in allowing more freedom to the very people they say they represent. Law is not about granting freedoms, but about taking away those freedoms that the average worker still has. And this eventually will have to stop. Karl Marx suggested the overthrow of the capitalist classes by the workers, if not by peaceful means, then by violence. I see this happening more by throwing out the lawmakers (government) because it will be a social necessity. When no one cares about your laws, and you are able to live as you want to live, politics will die a quiet death.

Now let us take a leap into the future, I do not know how far we have to go. And this is my dream. People, all people, are allowed to live freely together no matter what their race, religion and creed. No matter if they have lots of money or not. That will eventually level itself out, one way or another. And there will be no one in charge, because we will all have roles to follow, roles that we choose on our own, and roles that allow us supreme freedom.

This is what the future holds for us, because this is where spiritual atheism is trying to lead  us. And it is through Spiritual Evolution that all this will come to pass. I say again, the thing to remember is that we cannot rush this to happen. It has taken 3 billion years or so to get this far. It is not something we can accomplish overnight. But it will be accomplished, and I hope we (future human beings) are there to see it happen.

Author: rawgod

Still a Hippie, and proud of it. Have my BSW, now retired. Would have preferred to be a Dr. of Philosophy, but the university I went to wouldn't let me study my own philosophy. Your gain, their loss. I live on the edge of society with my partner, five cats, a broodmare, and a three year-old filly who might make her racing debut this coming summer or fall. Remember the name, Tricksy T Clanton.

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