This is a reblog of my post on Ideas from Outside the Boxes. I am putting it here because people are being hurt SPIRITUALLY with total government-approved impunity. It has been going on for at least 32 years. This has to be stopped!

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My apologies to readers around the world, but this is happening in Canada and I cannot believe my ears. A government-run outfit is letting boys get away with rape because they might become sports stars one day making millions of dollars playing a fucking game!

The organization is Hockey Canada, and 21 times in the last 32 years, at least, they have paid off victims of sexual assault and rape, forcing these victims to sign illegal Non-Disclosure Agreements, in order to save the reputations of budding hockey stars. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?

And what the hell are Canadians thinking? They are complaining because Hockey Canada used money collected from kids paying to play hockey to pay off these crimes! I will admit that is not a good source of funds to use to hide crimes, but no one seems to be talking about the crimes!

Rape is a…

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Ideas From Outside the Boxes


I do not know what to call America’s present system of government, but it is not democracy any more, nor is it even republicism. In order for there to be democracy all sides must work together to produce sane legislation for the betterment of all people, no matter who they are or what they, as individuals or groups, believe. The whole idea of democracy is that there is an over-arching structure to life that can and will be discovered by constantly searching and seeking to improve life for everyone.

That search, though never truly allowed to be properly undertaken in America, died in the 1980s. Instead of being a search to improve the lives ofall peopleit became a plan to improve the lives of only a certain small but powerful group of people (mainly the wealthy owners of industries and production) and gave little…

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This is another reblog of a post from my other blogsite. You may wonder that I think it involves spirituality, since the word is never directly used in the post, but that is exactly the point. If we are not allowed to live as we want, our spirits, if we have them, will be further shut off from us. Freedom means the right to live as we choose, and if we lose that right, we will be forced to live someone else’s vision of a spiritual life. That cannot be condoned.

Ideas From Outside the Boxes

In 1961, Joseph Heller published his novel, Catch-22. In this novel Mr. Heller invented a character who was stuck in a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. To wit, during World War II, the main character pretends madness in order to avoid flying dangerous combat missions, but his desire to avoid flying is taken to prove his sanity. Basically, he has to keep flying more combat missions in order to reach a number of missions that will allow him to complete his tour of duty and return home, but the more he flies the higher the number of necessary missions rises, so that he can never reach his goal, and he becomes convinced he is going to die each time he gets into his airplane. He names his situation Catch-22.

Lately I have become obsessed with discovering what insane…

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Of course there is, or at least there ought to be. But of late, I have allowed the world around me to consume my spirit! Pestilence. War. Stupidity. Authoritarianism. Religion gone rampant! I have had no time for spirituality. And while I feel I should apologize, I just don’t have it in me. No matter what our spiritual beliefs are, we live in this world right now, and the world has gone stark raving mad. This I do apologize for, even though it is out of my control.

What is in my control is me. And I have neglected that most important part of me, probably to my own spiritual loss. So what can I do about it? What can anyone truly do about their spirits, providing they even believe they have one. I believe, not like a Chistian believes there is a God, or a Buddhist believes Nirvana is possible, or a scientist believes the sun will rise tomorrow–for a few billion more years. Then kaboom! Nova or supernova. The sun will still be there, of course, but the earth won’t be. (The rising sun is just an optical delusion.) The earth will just be fuel for the fire in the sun.

And I guess that is what I need, what we all need, is fuel for the fire within us. We have been ground down by populism. We have been ground down by Covid. We, especially those of us in North America, living on Turtle Island, have been ground down by gun violence, by racism, by bigotry. And everyone in the world is being ground down by climate calamities, no matter what they believe the cause to be. Mother Nature is one angry mother!

But, we are still here! You are still here. I am still here. There is more disaster to come, more stupidity to overcome, more pestilence to combat, and more war to defeat. And death looms everywhere. We, all of us, each and every one of us, is going to die. But that is not a bad thing.

Death holds no fear for me. Despite my belief, I know that death will bring relief. All those questions that have beguiled us all through our lives, all based on one thing and one thing alone: Is there a purpose to life? And it will not matter what we spent our lives believing. All our religions or lack thereof, all our philosophies, all our hopes, all our dreams, all our useless fears. Death will answer all of those questions, whether we are there to receive those answers or not. The last book of the New Testament is called Revelations, except, it reveals nothing. If you need to worship, why not worship Death. Not as in a death cult, or in actively seeking to die, but as The Great Revealer.

There are only two possibilities that can be revealed. Our deaths will open a door to a new plane of existemce, or it will close that door permanently. If the door closes permanently, we will be none the wiser, and nothing will matter. If the door opens on a new plane of existence, we will see how useless all our wondering was. It will be what it will be!

Reading a religious book every day, praying to a super being that may be there but probably is not, debating whether life begins at conception or at birth, none of this matters! What is is. What isn’t isn’t. And none of us knows. And all of us will know, or not!

I have said this elsewhere, but it bears repeating. I choose to live my life as if it matters. Not to please some imaginary god, even if one actually exists. Not to please the authorities in my life here on earth, because the only author of my life is me (and you for you)! If you authorize yourself to believe in something, good for you. If you authorize yourself to believe in nothing, good for you too! It is your choice, and your choice alone. The thing is, whatever your choice, it is yours. No one else can choose for you. So, remember, you cannot choose for anyone else either.

Live happy! Die happier!

Respect, But Disrespected? Or Disrespect, with Respect. Your choice?

I know in the past I have said I would stop re-blogging my posts from Ideas From Outside The Boxes here, or vice versa, but of late all my original writing has landed on Ideas. The posts about Ginny really belong on neither, but I don’t want to start yet another blog, though I may if she starts getting her own readership. So, for now, here they will stay. But other posts, such as this one, just beg to be given as wide a readrrship as possible. So, while I do apologize to readers of both blogs for the repitition, I hope you will forgive me my lack of focus. Someday I do hope to separate the blogs again, but of late I have been more inclined to post on political and social issues than spiritual thoughts. The state of the world at present calls for me to take part in Earthly matters. If we have nowhere safe to live, we will not have time for our spirits. Again, I spologize, for whatever it is worth.

Ideas From Outside the Boxes

For the past few months I have been carrying on a conversation with a self-avowed proponent of abortion laws. He calls himself a Pro-Lifer. We are supposed to be looking for common ground, but as yet we have not found much, if any. While I may have mentioned these conversations in a few comments on various blogs, I have not turned them into a post yet, as I sometimes do. But my conversation partner thought it was time for him to do so. Then he invited me to read, and comment. So I am passing his invitation on to you.

It took me a lot of thought to decide on the proper title for this post, and you may or may not wonder at its intent. Basically, I tried to show my confusion with what he has written. If you are willing to try to read his take on our…

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Walking in the paddock, prior to be saddled. The guy walking Ginny is Chico Ramirez, her mother’s now-retired jockey, and husband to our trainer, Alison Clapton.

Hello, friends. Thank you for all the nice things you had to say about Ginny, and for watching her race — either live or on memorex. Well, she came out of her race in good shape, and really good spirits. Alison, her trainer, told us she was tearing around her pasture the next day, bucking and kicking, and generally having fun. This tells us she had fun racing, and was proud of her performance. Many horses, after losing a race, will be a little down, or lifeless. Not Ginny.

In fact, Alison is so impressed with her race and recovery (she needed no recovery) that she has entered her for her second race on Sunday. Again it will be a Maiden race, meaning she…

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Ginny, alternately known as Halory’s Comet, ran her first race today. She was very professional, unusual for many a first time starter. Rather than tell you how she did, I will let her show you herself, if you are interested.

You can watch the race replay @: https://rockymountainturfclub.com/racing

Once there, scroll down until you see a video box. The whole day of racing is there in a series of race replays.

Unfortunately, for anyone who just wants to see Ginny, it shows the whole race card, starting at race #1. But then, if you want to watch six horse races, it is not so unfortunate. Horse racing is generally a great spectator sport. But for those who just want to watch Ginny, she is in race #2. So you are best to move the timeline ahead to about the 14:30 minute mark to get…

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I do not know at what point a vasectomy can be done on a male child, but as soon after birth as it can be safely done, every male child in this world should be given a vasectomy, and except for medical reasons, there will never be a need for another abortion. Ever!

And, if a woman ever gets impregnated by a male who does not reveal he has had his vasectomy reversed, that male should have his testicles removed immediately his crime is discovered, no questions asked, no leniency given. Reversing a vasectomy should only be done with a woman’s consent that she wishes to get pregnant, and an order that she is to be the only sexual partner for a male with a reversed vasectomy. That way there will never be another unwanted child in this world.


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What you are about to read are words stolen from a post by a blogger whose name I will not mention to protect her anonymity and safety. They are not a popular opinion in the minds of Arkansas legislators, which I think makes them all the more powerful:

In January 1973, when the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Roe v. Wade, I was a 16-year-old sophomore in high school. I was just beginning to think about sex and what it would be like. But in 1973, the Supreme Court (all nine justices were men….this was long before Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg) decided 7-2 that women had a constitutionally-protected right to safe, legal abortion. Heck, it had only been in 1960 (in my lifetime!) that birth control pills were approved as contraceptives for ALL women, regardless of marital status.

Options were very limited for women for…

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The following is a comment (slightly altered) I just sent to a woman who wants to see Roe vs Wade repealed. She thinks women should not have a choice to abort a fetus, because to her, the (potential) life of a fetus is more important than the life of the woman carrying that fetus. We were carrying on a written conversation when I had a kind of epiphany. I had heard people saying RvW is more important than just the right to choose. It has deeper implications. Then, in an instant, I saw what repealing RvW really meant. Here is my response:

Please allow me to add, I appreciate that without women there would be no human race. Women are the mothers of all. But that does not mean women are “Only Mothers!” Women have lives too, and motherhood as birthers of children is secondary! Until a woman is ready…

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